DARTA 1605

Бесшумный электромеханический привод и надежные механизмы безопасности вместе с высококачественной итальянской обивкой кресла гарантируют высокую производительность и удобство работы врача, комфорта – для пациента.
Отдельный блок ассистента с пылесосом и слюноотсосом на поворотном кронштейне.
Поворотная керамическая чаша-плевательницы с функциями омыва чаши и наполнения водой стаканчика.
Светодиодный осветитель с максимальной яркостью 35 000 Lux с хорошо сбалансированным пантографом, имеющим 5 степеней свободы.
Блок врача на 5 инструментов с автоматическим включением выбранного рабочего наконечника.
Advantages for the dentist
Technical information
DARTA 3000
Estimate advanced safety for patient and comfort for dentist's work by trying DARTA 3000. German motors with possible lifting weight of 250 kg provide high productivity and reliability even if there are many patients. Unique movement cinematics of backrest towards chair allows headrest move in plane with patient's head thereby you receive maximum comfort for dentist and his patient.
Elements of dental chair control are easy accessible in any of 3 modes: control panel on dentist's module, on assistant's module or foot-control. This simplifies dental chair control.
DARTA 3000 elements
DARTA 3000 asist
Improved assiatant's module on a movable arm containing saliva ejector and suction system also gives you a possibility to install 2 more instruments (dental syringe, intraoral camera, curing light).
Hydrablock with assistant's module and rotary ceramic cuspidor bowl is easy cleaned and guarantees you complete hygiene. The system of autonomous distilled water supply to the dentist's module is equipped with a reductor, micro-filter and reservoir of 1 l max.
DARTA 3000 module


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Standard composition of dentist's module for 5 instruments includes: module for air-turbine handpiece with fiberoptic, module for 4-channel air-turbine handpiece with Midwest hose, module for pneumatic micromotor, dental syringe. Due to automatic switching on of handpiece choosen and other not-used instruments blocking patient's safety and comfort dentist's work are provided.
3 programmed chair modes with 2 additional modes "antishock" and "autoback" provide more comfortable and safe work for dentist.
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This model has expanded functionality due to more complex hydroblock design. Mini-separator can be integrated into this model which allows using a dry suction device.
All DARTA dental units can be supplied with additionally TFT-monitor or TFT-monoblock.
Brushless DARTA micromotor is appropriate for any kind of dental work. High quality design, reliability and long operational life of a DARTA micromotor is a guarantee of your assured work with one of the main dentist tools.
DARTA micromotor
DARTA LED curing light
Add compact and ergonomic LED curing light of 1200 mW output to your DARTA dental unit. Several operating modes of curing light allow you to organize dentist's work more effectively.
Add reliable and high-quality ultrasonic scalers produced by leading European company SATELEC to your DARTA dental unit.
DARTA ultrasonic scalers
DARTA intraoral camera
Add intraoral camera to your DARTA dental unit for more effective work.

Dental unit power input - 900 W

Air pressure at the input - 5,5 bar

Total weight - 160 kg

Weight-lift (patient permited weight) - 250 kg

Air rate consumed:

  • without saliva ejector - ≤ 60 l/min
  • with saliva ejector - ≤ 90 l/min

Water pressure - from 1,5 bar