Dentists stool DARTA 1900 with armrests

Advantages for the dentist
Technical information
  • Because of special ergonomics dentist doesn't get tired even during long work process.
  • Seat with anatomic forms guaranties comfort of dentist's work and ring on stool cross-piece provides rest for dentist's legs.
  • The upholstery of the chair is made of the same durable and reliable Italian leather as the upholstery of the DARTA chair itself.
  • Stool back is equipped with spring joint which allows it to get right position and hold up dentist's lumbar region in the best way.
  • Because of two armrests performing various manipulations by the doctor becomes easier.

Size - 620 х 620 х 980 mm

Max load on the seat – 120 kg

Rotation on 360°

Height adjustment of the seat by lever